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Painting has existed Before Christ and has evolved over the years. Painting can be a form or relaxation or it can also be a form of career or even a hobby. Painting provides you with a source of relaxation, peace and physical and mental therapy. In addition. Painting also helps you build your creativity. Not just in the aspect of art, but in every other aspect of life. Doctors also recommend elderly and mentally disabled patients to actually take up art as a hobby to increase one's motor skills such as hand to eye coordination as well.

In todays age where art materials and guidance is easily available, one can take up painting at a very low cost. All you would need is a pencil. Some paint and paintbrushes and some canvas or paper to paint on.

Painting is for everyone and anyone but most experts say that starting young is the best in order to acquire the skill set of painting quickly. Therefore parents should enroll their kids into art schools at a young age to mold their skill and love for art. You do not have to be great at painting at first in order to enjoy it; rather it is all in the process. Getting involved in an painting class or art group is also an excellent way to build an interest and improve your skills.  

Most parents do not see the use of painting classes anymore and normally move to tuition lessons for English Mathematics or even sciences. Little do they know, painting has many associated benefits with languages, science and even mathematics. 

In most school curriculums, a child is needed to write composition or essays commonly and one needs creativity to form a story or a situation out of nothing. Well, learning art can not only bring out the creativity of a child but also methods to express their thoughts colorfully. Also, in mathematics, having creativity and thinking out of the box is required for certain mathematics problems. Painting helps to cultivate out of the box thinking and problem solving. 

Painting itself comes in many forms such as abstract painting, Oil paintings, water color painting, face painting, pastel painting, canvas painting, acrylic painting and fabric painting and even more. Learning all these forms of painting can take a while and needs constant practice in order to improve in it. Courses are also easily obtainable to improve one’s skills and ability at a very affordable price at one’s convenience.  

The topics that are taught at the painting classes in Art Lessons Singapore combined with other art related topics are the following.

-Color Theory  

-color intensity and combination  

-Methods of placing focal points on a painting  

-Color temperature  

-Planning a original painting  

-Use of colors and contrast  

-Understanding perspective  

-Painting object such as living things and objects  


-Finishing touches  

Art Lessons Singapore has various classes for kids from ages 3-5 and 5-12 and beyond and has private tutors. Call us now at 92283090 or email us at to inquire or to place a booking now.

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